Knowing The Story Behind Progressive Auto Insurance

If you have only recently learned about Progressive Auto Insurance because of their television ads and funny spokeswoman, you might be interested to know they have been in the business since 1937. In fact, it is only in recent years that Progressive Auto Insurance has become better known to the average consumer, but they have been writing policies for many drivers, over the years. Based outside of Cleveland, Ohio, they have more than 28,000 employees in over 450 offices, but you can purchase coverage online, over the phone or through independent insurance agents. The method you choose can determine your premium cost because the less personalized service you require, the lower the premium.

Progressive Auto Insurance has quickly grown because they have a goal to become the #1 consumer choice for car policies and because there are a number of ways to obtain protection, they have streamlined the process. With their ‘Name Your Price’ ad campaign, many consumers have investigated the possibilities of saving hundreds of dollars on their annual premium. Independent insurance agents can assist those that have questions about the best policies for their car, boat, home and they also offer life, health, renters, RV and motorcycle coverage, too.

With the one-stop approach, Progressive Auto Insurance offers many of the things consumers are searching for, in a complete protection package. Because you can get multi-policy discounts and you can complete the process over the Internet, many consumers have found they are a user-friendly option. You can get instant online quotes with basic information, which makes it easier to compare them to other companies. Independent insurance agents might be a good source to consider because they represent a number of the most affordable companies, with Progressive Auto Insurance being one of them.

The financial stability of Progressive Auto Insurance is evident in the fact they have annual premiums that exceed $14 billion, making them one of the largest U.S. private passenger insurers. Because they offer 24-hour, in-person and online services, the company makes it convenient to save money on your premium, which is why many consumers have been switching to Progressive Auto Insurance. If you haven’t heard that much about the insurer besides what you see in their advertisements, you can find out quite a bit on their website.

With the Internet, it has become easier to comparison shop for many things, including the protection for your vehicle and other possessions. Progressive Auto Insurance has become a leading carrier, offered by independent insurance brokers because of their competitive pricing, quick claims services and comprehensive offerings of protection for your entire life. It doesn’t matter whether you are only purchasing coverage for your car because you can still take advantage of discounts that make it more affordable.

Most people that are comparing quotes from a number of major insurance carriers will consider Progressive Auto Insurance as a leading contender. There are few other major carriers that offer you the options available through this insurer, where you can purchase your low-cost policy online, over the phone or through an independent agent.